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    Seeking records of Alice Taylor in Byberry Hospital

    Lynn Taylor-Buccafuri Wayfarer

      I was told that one of my fathers sisters was a patient in BYBERRY HOSPITAL in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Basically I was told she was not mentally stable and lived and died in this hospital.  ALICE TAYLOR, DOB approx 1915, is listed with the family in the 1930 Philadelphia Pennsylvania census, stating her age as 16 years old.   https://www.ancestry.com/imageviewer/collections/6224/images/4639453_00809?pId=55545704 The head of the household is my dads oldest brother James, and his mother (second name) is Mary, who passed away shortly after the Census was taken.  His sisters ETHEL and  MILDRED, and my dad REYLAND (my dad who's name is completely wrong here...his name in 1930 was Ellis Reynolds Taylor) are the next 3 lines.


      Alice married Emil W. Potoczny. There were 4 different records or indexes I have found.  See attached screen copies, there are two records per screenshot, the second part to each record is the “associated facts” that Ancestry shows and the names don’t match. 

      Alice had one son, Paul Potoczny, he was raised within the Philadelphia Catholic Charities/St. Vincent's home/school for boys. I am assuming that his dad, Emil (husband) divorced Alice before 1940 or just after Paul was born because he married a second time in 1941 to a Mary Delano.  The 1940 US Census, dated May 24, 1940, State of Pennsylvania, County of Montgomery, Township of Upper Moreland shows him living with his Paternal Grandparents. He was 1 year old, his name - Jerome E. Potoczny instead of Paul Potoczny.


      Please, if someone would be able to tell me where to find information on Alice, possibly tell me where to go or whom to call to inquire about her Hospital records, even if it is the dates of her admission and discharge, or if she really did live and pass away in the facility?  What was the cause of death, was there a diagnosis for her mental, illness, where was she buried?  I did manage to find her MARRIAGE LICENSE NUMBER 680070 and the DIGITAL GSU NUMBER 4141809 for the marriage record, not included in above screenshots, The information was found under Emil W. Potoczny’s name, in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Marriage Index 1885 - 1951.  Thank you so much for reading, and hopefully giving any advice or help in my quest, it is very much appreciated.