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    Seeking information about 3245th Air Base Group

    Kathleen Hubbard Newbie

      Hello, My father passed away recently and upon his death I submitted the SF-180 to obtain his military records.  I have his DD-214, and as expected while I can see that he did actually serve in Vietnam, I see nothing that would indicate any special forces training or service. While I've resigned myself to waiting as long as necessary, I was hoping someone might have some other information, or options, or places to start digging? His DD-214 lists his Last Duty Assignment and Major Command as 3245th Air Base Group (AFSC) and District, Area Command or Corps to which Reservist Transferred as AFRes (ORS). He enlisted on 9/13/1967 and was Honorably Discharged on 9/12/1973. He was based out of LG Hanscom Field, Bedford, MA.  It looks like his rank at discharge was a Sgt. Any and all help would be welcomed. Thank you!