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    Seeking information about Charles H Donnell

    Brooke Rudeen Newbie

      I am looking for any information or documentation on Charles H. Donnell who was my great grandfather. He was possibly born in Iowa on April 11, 1866. I’m not sure when he died. His wife was Rose (Rozelia) Violet Dickover,  She had a child with a Dickerman as her son Lester born 1896 was a Dickerman in a census of the family before  my grandmother Goldie Lucille Donnell was born in 1904 Lester later changed his named to Donnell. There were two other children of Rose and Charles one was Edward and the other what Clifford,  Not sure any of them besides my grandmother had children.  Charles later disappears and in some later censuses Rose is listed as divorced and others widowed,  Would also like to know who Rose had Lester Dickerman-later Donnell with.  Charles Donnell has eluded me for years and was never talked of, I would like anything on him if it is out there.


      I can find nothing on him other than some census records in the early 1900s that show he and my great grandmother Rose(Roselia) Violet Dickover Donnell had for Children living in Omaha Nebraska.  Oldest was Lester (who is listed as a Dickerman and later changed named to Donnell), Clifford, Edward and Goldie Lucille (my grandmother)  In later census Records Charles is gone and Rose is sometimes listed as widowed and other ones as divorced. I would also like to know if Rose was previously married to a Dickerman (Lester’s real father).