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    Seeking information & photos of Black Americans

    Dale R. Newbie

      There were hundreds or thousands of Black Americans (both men and women) who served in the US military and were stationed in The Philippines, Guam, Wake Island throughout the 1920s, 1930s, and up to 7 Dec 1941/8 Dec 1941, yet very few references are made about them, and even fewer photos have circulated. Additionally, when the Japanese occupied those locations, numerous photos show the fate of scores of American personnel, but hardly ever depict Black people.  I am trying to uncover any written or photographic evidence of their existence, to include anecdotes, citations, accolades, escape attempts, successful escapes, casualty reports, missing person searches, letters to and from family members, first-hand accounts of experiences, Japanese government records, Filipino government records, Filipino citizens' recollections, partisan forces recollections, mixed marriage accounts, mixed children accounts, etc.