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    Seeking information about Tuskegee Airmen


      Hi there! This community has been really helpful in the past, so I'm hoping you can answer another question related to African Americans in the military. I am working on a state historical marker for the Freeman Army AirField Uprising in Seymour, Indiana during World War II. I want to be accurate in describing those (some members of the 477th Bombardment Group) who protested the segregation of officers' clubs on base. I know that some who protested were Tuskegee Airmen, but I'm not sure if all were. So I guess my question is: were all Black Air Force members considered Tuskegee Airmen? I know the name stems from the base they trained at, but I wasn't sure if everyone in the 477th Bombardment Group trained there and, thus, if it would be accurate to call them all "Tuskegee Airmen."


      Also, I know that some of the 115th and 118th Base Units participated in the uprising. Are they part of the 477th/Tuskegee Airmen as well? Or are they separate entities? I hope my questions make sense. I'm ignorant when it comes to military organization and rank, so hopefully I am using the right terminology. Thanks so much for your help.