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    Seeking records about Terry Noble

    Jacqueline Mosco Newbie

      Hello there! I have a book called The Practical Home Physician, published in early to mid 1800s in the U.S. and the name Terry Noble is inscribed in it. He fought with the 10th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry during the American Civil War. I am writing a small booklet on this soldier and need more information from before his time as a soldier, during his military career, and his life after.  Hopefully with more pictures than I have  It's an amazing photo of him in his Union blue uniform looking all spiffy, with a white cross sewn on his left chest. Anyone know what that was supposed to mean? I'm thinking either a first aid guy, since he learned and studied the entire medical journal, or the company symbol. I thank you in advance

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          Alice Lane Pioneer

          Hi Jacqueline

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          Found him on findagrave.com



          Terry S Noble mentioned 5 times in "The Annals of the 10th Massachusetts"



          There is a lot of information about Terry S Noble on familysearch.org (too much to copy/paste}

          marriages, death certificate and etc. He was a Whip Maker...........

          familysearch is a free web site but you do need to register to search.


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            Found this on him. He may have enlisted first then received a battlefield commission I found this with additional information. He was also apart of the Massachusetts Masons, see his membership card below as well. Civil War Pension Index Card below as well.  Also found same photo you have, that badge might be of the 6th Corps Badge. Please see a copy of the battle field map of Salem Heights were he was wounded.


            Here is other information, was correct about commission as 2nd LT in 1862


            Noble, Terry S. — Corpl. — Res. Westfield ; whip maker ; 27 ; enl. June 14, 1861 ; must. June 21, 1861; apptd. Sergt., date not shown ; 1st Sergt., date not shown ; comm. 2d Lieut., Nov. 26, 1862 ; wounded May 3, 1863, at Salem Heights, Va. ; disch. Nov. 24, 1863, resignation, as 2d Lieut, of Co. "F."

            Peebles, Joseph A. — Priv. —





            Terry S Noble

            [John Anthony]

            Enlistment Age: 27

            Birth Date: abt 1834

            Birth Place: Westfield, Massachusetts

            Enlistment Date: 14 Jun 1861

            Enlistment Rank: Corporal

            Muster Date: 21 Jun 1861

            Muster Place: Massachusetts

            Muster Company: K

            Muster Regiment: 10th Infantry

            Muster Regiment Type: Infantry

            Muster Information: Enlisted

            Rank Change Rank: Sergt

            Transfer From Unit: K

            Transfer To Unit: F

            Casualty Date: 3 May 1863

            Casualty Place: Salem Heights, Virginia

            Type of Casualty: Wounded

            Muster Out Date: 24 Nov 1863

            Muster Out Information: Resigned

            Side of War: Union

            Survived War?: Yes

            Was Officer?: Yes

            Injured in Line of Duty?: Yes

            Residence Place: Westfield, Massachusetts

            Last Known Residence Place: Westfield, Massachusetts

            Death Date: 24 Jan 1917

            Occupation: Whip Maker

            Additional Notes: Alive in 1907 in Westfield, MA

            Additional Notes 2: Rank Change 2 Rank: 1st Sergeant; Rank Change 3 Date: 26 Nov 1862; Rank Change 3 Rank: 2nd Lieutenant;

            Title: Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors and Marines in the Civil War; Photo courtesy of Massachusetts Commandery of MOLLUS; The Tenth Massachusetts Infantry; GAR Dept of Massachusetts 1866-1947 (Sargent)




            Lieutenant Terry S. Noble, 10th Massachusetts [Infantry]


            Corps Badges | Jefferson's University ... the early life


            Corps Badges of the War of the Rebellion | Print | Wisconsin Historical  Society




            Hope this helps,


            Elliot Schneider

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              Alice Lane Pioneer

              Hi again Jacqueline,

              In my first post to you I mentioned The Annals of the 10th Massachusetts...there is a portion in it,,,

              states that his right thumb was shot off....you can tell that in his photo.


              The cross could be a Corp Badge, here is a webpage showing a silver corp badge



              Alice Lane

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