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    Completion of Records


      I have been transcribing and tagging Purple Heart Recipients. Once a specific database is completed, with transcribing and tagging,  is there a way to indicate that so volunteers know that we don't need to check that database? It takes additional time to open that database and then check that all cards have been transcribed (with the blue cards) and tagged. There is no indication to tell that all records have been tagged without opening the specific database.  Somewhere on the opening page of that database, maybe in the Comments section to the left on the screen, could indicate that all records have been transcribed AND tagged. That would be helpful and efficient.

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          We do not have an automated process to review transcriptions in our Catalog. So when you, or another citizen archivist, work on a transcription from a mission, my colleague and I will take a look to see if it has been completed and remove it from the mission. We do this every Monday through Friday during normal business hours, and we try to remove records as soon as we see they are complete.  It is a very manual process, and the records isn't removed until over night when the Catalog indexes the contributions to the Catalog.


          We do have plans for future versions of the Catalog that would allow you to search for records without contributions.  Unfortunately we do not know when this will be implemented.


          Thank you for your contributions and helping to unlock history!




          Community Manager, National Archives Catalog

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