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    Seeking explanation of Civil War Pension XC number and A-certificate

    Bob Velke Wayfarer

      I have a Civil War pension index card (RG15 and microfilm pub. T288) which has an XC number at the bottom.  I understand that it means that the pension file is held in St. Louis. The veteran applied for a pension on 3 Jan 1879 and it was approved (Cert # 1019060).  He died on 5 Jan 1933. His widow then applied for a pension on 1 Feb 1933 and my question is about her certificate number. Instead of a standard number, it is "A-4-14-33".  I'm told that such a number means that the applicant qualified for a pension based on age alone, not a disability.  It is not clear to me why her age would be a factor.  Her deceased husband had qualified because of a disability so it seems that she would have been entitled to continue receiving that pension (once she provided documentation of their marriage, etc.). But what can be deciphered from the date "4-14-33"?  Can I use it to calculate her (or his) birth date or some other threshold date? Thank you.