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    Transcribing documents on stationary


      Hello, I'm a rookie at this, although I've transcribed many other things over the years.


      When encountering letters written on (for example) hotel stationary, which continues along on every page, and also includes some minor "details" about the hotel, should that stationary information be included on every page? Along with the irrelevant (and redundant) "details" about said hotel?


      Another example, the stationary provides the city then offers some lovely elipses on which to place a date, followed by a year, that's not being used (see example below), would the elipses be maintained in the transcription?


      Uniontown, Pa., ................................, 190....





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          Good question!  When dealing with letterhead, you could add information about the letterhead without transcribing the entire thing:

          [Union Hotel stationery, letterhead not transcribed]


          You do not need to maintain the exact formatting - we're most interested in having volunteers transcribe the text which will increase the searchability of the record in the National Archives Catalog.



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