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    Seeking Navy service records of Willis Haydn Felger


      I am looking for duty stations, MOS, dates of service, etc.,  of an uncle from Ohio, WILLIS HAYDN FELGER (1914-2002), (or HAYDN WILLIS FELGER), who served in the Navy during WWII.  I have submitted SF 180 to the Navy Personnel Command in Tennessee twice; once they requested additional information (death certificate) and I re-submitted my request a second time.  Both times they replied he is not in their database.  His military record does not show up on any of my genealogy sites or any state or local veterans organizations.  The funeral home has no record either.  Our local Congressional office has filtered out calls that are not related to COVID, so no help there.  We still have letters he sent to the family from Guam and other Pacific war zones, so there is no question he served.  I barely recall he mentioned at one time he was stationed at a Naval Air Station in Florida, and he sent home souvenirs from Pacific islands after they were re-occupied by American forces. Will appreciate any suggestions.