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    Seeking information about post-war suburban neighborhoods

    Candace Hudziak Newbie

      What sources would you use to try to find information about the demographic and/or economic make up of post-war suburban neighborhoods (so 1945 and later)? For instance, what sources could help you understand a common pattern or theme among original homeowners of these places? As these places get older they are becoming eligible for National Register listing, and part of their significance can be derived from their association with a specific group, whether it be economic, religious, ethnic, racial -- but I'm not sure what's the best way to go about parsing out that type of information from available resources. Thanks!

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          Alice Lane Pioneer

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          My thoughts on the subject and one specific group.


          Unless you are speaking of a house being designed and built by architect Frank Lloyd Wright and/or others in the 1940's I cannot see anyone wanting to put the Cape Cod Box-Style houses that were built post war.on any Historic Register. In my state these developments were built near the air bases for veterans to purchase the homes, They were ideal for young coples just starting a family. I lived in one of them in the mid 1970's, for several years, and I know that 4 of my neighbors were the original homeowners and remained in the houses for the remainder of their lives which would have been over 50 years and had jobs at the auto plant. So I guess you might call those, less than 1000 square foot houses, historic. The specific group that I am talking about here would be World War 2 veterans.


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            Cara Jensen Tracker

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            We suggest that you review the United States Census Bureau’s Explore Census Data site or About the Census Library to build information on the historical demographics and economic patterns of the specific locations you seek.  Also, browsing the listings at the National Register of Historical Places website may provide an idea of the sources contributing to eligibility.


            We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!