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    tagging multi-page documents

    Ellen Michael Newbie

      If a keyword is tagged on one page of a document, will it convey over the whole document?

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          Laurie Nelson Wayfarer

          Ellen, I'm new to the National Archives, but I found this information about tagging a document vs. tagging a page:


          "There are two ways to add tags:

          "Place tags on the left side column to tag the entire record

          "Add tags directly to an individual page under the image using "View/Add Contributions” and select the Tag tab."


          You can find out more about tagging here:


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            Meredith Doviak Adventurer

            Hi Ellen,


            Thank you for your question, and Laurie, thank you for providing those resources!


            If you add a tag to one page in a multi-page document, it applies to that particular page. However, if you or another user conduct a search for that tag, it will return the full record.


            If you want a tag to apply to the entire document, we suggest adding it to the left side column on the main description page.


            I hope that is helpful. Thank you both for your work as Citizen Archivists!


            Community Manager, National Archives Catalog

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