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    Seeking assistance with WWII Army roster data fields

    Lowell Silverman Adventurer

      I've been researching my grandfather's unit, the 32nd Station Hospital, for about two years.  I recently hired a private research company to digitize some surviving unit rosters.  Because of the quality of the copy from the microfilm, I can't quite make out all the data fields. Though I would have thought they'd be familiar with them, the research company claimed they didn't know what they meant either.  I've searched for a blank copy of the miscellaneous report form online without success.  A sample from February 28, 1943 officer's roster is below:

      32nd Station Hospital Roster February 28, 1943

      I can make out (1) serial number, (2) name of individual, (3) grade, and (4) duty.  The duty data is kind of puzzling.  On an another enlisted roster, it had three-digit MOS codes.  However, as I understand it the officer MOSs should have been four-digit numbers, not two numbers+two letters.  Next (5) we have branch codes (Medical Administrative Corps, Medical Corps, etc.).  I would assume (6) parent unit are codes indicating 32nd Station Hospital.  I can't even read the next field that's filled in (7), with the single digit.  The next field is kind of hard to read (8) [something] or enlistment date.  In my grandfather's case, 1st Lieutenant Robert Silverman, I can see that July 7, 1942 is listed, which is the date he went on active duty.  I can't read or understand the remaining four (?) data fields.  Thanks for any help you can offer.