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    lock for editing

    Joe Pigeon Newbie

      I try to save my work every few minutes because it gets erased often.  However, I often get this message when I try to save and it prevents me from hitting the save button.  I realize I can try going to the next or previous page and it will prompt me to save work, but this is not very satisfactory solution since it happens so often on a single page.

      This comes up when I and continuously active, and as I said, it prevents me from saving.  Very discouraging.

      Does anyone have a solution for this?  Am I the only one this happens to?

      Thanks for any help


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          National Archives Catalog Scout

          I'm sorry you are experiencing this error and I'm sorry to say that you are not the only it is happening to.  This random error pops up from time to time and our developers are trying to fix it.  Unfortunately, the only workaround I can suggest is to transcribe a small amount of text and click save.  By doing this often, you may not lose much of your work if the error is thrown.


          Thank you for your contributions!



          Community Manager, National Archives Catalog

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            Veronica Beaudry Wayfarer

            That happens to me too when I work on page after page. What I do now, is make sure to close out of the transcribing screen after two or three pages and let it reload back to the main project page. Then I choose my next page by typing in the page number and getting back to work.


            I hope that made sense.

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                Joe Pigeon Newbie

                Thanks Veronica,

                This is a big help with a frustrating problem, but I cannot help but wonder, since "History Hub" provides guidance for both Citizen Archivists here at National Archives Catalog, and also for "By the People" volunteer transcribers at the Library of Congress, if they cannot somehow incorporate some aspects of "By the People" transcription page, such as the ability to rotate images to read both vertical and horizontal text, and the ability to continue with a project with having to constantly save work, and not get indiscriminately locked out.  They seem to have a much more user friendly system.  It seems like the goals of these two enterprises are the same, and 'History Hub' is a common link.

                Any chance of co-operation here?


                thanks, Joe

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                Once I log on, and begin to transcribe, I have to save frequently. I am transcribing Purple Heart recipients. The longer I transcribe, the quicker I need to save. Once this becomes very annoying, I switch to tagging and I never experience the same problem of having to save often.

                The only other solution I have found, is to log off and then log back on....and the saving doesn't occur that often at first.

                I know this has become very challenging and doesn't help in being very efficient in our work, but "it is, what it is" for now!