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    Seeking old documents from my deceased grandparents

    Lori Sullivan Newbie

      How do I find old documents from my deceased grandparents, Joe Wayne Cook and Betty Jean Cook from Columbus,Kansas.Cherokee County? Both of my grandparents are deceased now.  I was wondering what about the so called inheritance. Where do I go from here? I truly don't know and was hoping that I would find out more on this family inheritance that my grandparents spoke of. There has to be documents and beneficiary information somewhere. But where do I even start to find out this information?

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          Susannah Brooks Tracker

          You would have to look for probate records (wills, administration of estates, etc)  in the court of the  count, where a person died. Joseph Wayne Cook b May 1917 was the youngest child of Ulysses S. Grant Cook (1864  - 1941) and Emma Tanquarry. (1873 -1942).  Both died in Cherokee County.  On-line probate records for Cherokee end about 1917, so you would have to contact the Clerk of the Court, District Court for Cherokee County, 110 W Maple St, Columbus, KS 66725

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              Lori Sullivan Newbie

              Thanks for replying back to me it was really helpful and correct given information.There is a lot more to my grandparents story for in which I was told but,when this is not your normal everyday genealogy search efforts such as it was with my grandmother then you really don't have a clue as to where to even start to find out the information that my grandmother had already gathered at a time in her life,especially when your not a search and find person yourself and of not interested at that time in genealogy until something such as this surfaces through word of my grandparents mouth in which was not spoke of for many years.I was the only grandchild that they told to my knowledge.My thoughts is that this could go either way beings my grandpa was in the military many years ago and my grandma shared an interest in findings through her genealogy search as well that consists of her findings on the Meador family.Hope to find more information and in hopes of seeing the real documents and beneficiary information that my grandparents informed me of many years ago.



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              Lori Sullivan

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              Alice Lane Tracker

              Hi Lori,

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              If you wish to find out about property tax or the current owner of a property in Cherokee County, Kansas go to the following website. https://ks815.cichosting.com/ttp/tax/Search/search_tax.aspx


              Have you seen a will written by your grandparents?


              Alice Lane

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                  Lori Sullivan Newbie

                  Thank you for the added information but,I'am not interested in my grandparents property ownership because that was all taken care of shortly after grandma's passing by her daughter.House was sold and all household items where auctioned off in good standing.No,I have not seen a will and I don't even know if my grandparents even had a will.My grandparents shared their good news at the time with me while setting in the front room of their small house many years ago.For a starter I am going to check in to the District Court of Cherokee County.