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    Seeking records regarding Exercise Sagebrush


      Seeking information regarding jump manifest and casualty reports for Exercise Sagebrush...location referred to as Fort Polk, La...in 1955.  There 2 parachute jumps.  I was involved in the November,1955 jump.  My unit was 456th Airborne Field Artillery Battalion, Hq and Hq Battery ,Fort Bragg, NC. (82nd Airborne Division Artillery)


      My interest is based on experiencing a parachute malfunction.   Before exiting the aircraft a medic dispensed a mandatory pill.  I believe my recollection of the event was diminished due to the medication.   I do recall that I did not jump with my artillery unit.  The manifest would be with an infantry unit. There were 6 of us on the jump to set-up Battalion Headquarters.