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    Seeking results of 1977 federal discrimination investigation in Mobile, AL


      In the mid-1970s, the Black Leadership Action Committee (BLAC) in Mobile, AL initiated a federal investigation to look into discrimination in the city use of federal funds. In 1977, the investigation found that there was discrimination, that the city was using the money to improve white neighborhoods at the expense of black neighborhoods. I'm looking for a copy of this report of findings. Local copies of this report seem to have been lost in a fire in the 80s, and Mobile-area archivists suggested to me that since it was a federal investigation there might be records in the federal archives.


      Since the local report copies have been lost for so long, I don't have the exact name of the report. I know these things:

      -One of the black neighborhoods discussed is Trinity Gardens.

      -One of the ways discrimination was investigated was the condition of fireplugs.

      -Two of the BLAC leaders were Merceria Ludgood and Sam Jones.


      Is that enough information to be able to find this report? Could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks very much for your help.