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    General Question for the Moderators

    Henry Rosenberg Navigator

      I was once told that you can track how much time we spend transcribing. Assuming that is true, can you also track how accurate we are in our transcriptions? I realize that this is unlikely but I would be curious as to how accurate I am, as a way to improve my performance.




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          Samantha Schireson Wayfarer

          Hi Henry,


          Unfortunately there is no way to track time spent or rate of accuracy through our current system. We usually suggest that users essentially time themselves and add it to a spreadsheet. This is how our users who need to present evidence of volunteer hours track themselves.


          All the best,


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            David Ferry Wayfarer

            If "accuracy" is defined as the number of times a user's submissions have to be edited vs just accepted, then I bet a savvy computer programmer could volunteer to come up with an app that could track that no problem.  Same with time logged (if everyone logs out when done transcribing; some -- including myself -- don't).  Both stats could be posted in the activity section of our profiles or included as stats on the main page for Top 10 volunteers or as a way for LOC to recognize its most active transcribers, etc...

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                Lauren Algee Tracker

                Interesting idea, Dave! We have access to limited time from Library of Congress staff developers, so the team has to carefully prioritize what they work on and often choose between many desired fixes and features. That said, we are planning to make some improvements to the profile page in the next year! We hope to make volunteers contribution data easier to navigate and more engaging. So continue to let us know what you'd like to see and how the site could better meet your expectations and needs!