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    Mary Church Terrell

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      I have been working in Mary Church Terrell since October 2018. I have finally done all I can do. There are about 1300 pages that need to be reviewed and then it will be complete. There are also some French and German pages. I have tried to post them on History Hub for help from the people who are experts in those languages like Sharon McKinley and Julianne Mangin. I hope we can give some focus to these papers so we can complete this section.




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          Lauren Algee Tracker

          That's incredible news, Henry!  Thank you for your deep and thoughtful contributions to this campaign!  We are promoting MCT as part of the ongoing suffrage centennial commemorations so we're hopeful other volunteers will find and delve into her campaign this month.


          There is one final section of the Mary Church Terrell Papers -- Miscellany -- which we will likely add in sometime in the next 6 months.

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