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    Seeking UFO documents cited by CNN


      I recently came across a CNN article claiming that recently declassified documents supposedly prove extra terrestrials have been visiting our planet. I was wondering where I may find those documents in order to fact check CNN.

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          Hi Joshua,


          The National Achieves might have what you are looking for at:



          You could also check fold3



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            Rachael Salyer Ranger

            Dear Mr. Aurandt,


            Thank you for posting your request on History Hub!


            The CNN report states that the documents came from the Navy Safety Center. U.S. Navy aircraft accident reports after 1969 are in the custody of the Commander, Naval Safety Center, 375 A Street, Norfolk, VA 23511. You may wish to contact them for further information.


            Additionally, permanent records of the United States Government are typically accessioned into the National Archives 30 years after creation by the originating agency or department. The records you have requested are too recent and remain in the custody of the originating agency or department. Please contact the agency's or department's Records Officer to determine the status and availability of the requested records. The contact information for the Navy and Department of Defense Records Officers are as follows: Maurice King, Department of the Navy 1000 Navy Pentagon, 5E170, Washington. DC 22350; email is maurice.king@navy.mil; and Steve Diessner, Department of Defense, DOD CIO, 4800 Mark Center Drive, Suite 11E08, Alexandria, VA 22311; email is steven.d.diessner.civ@mail.mil.


            Finally, the documents originally obtained by “The Drive” via a Freedom of Information Act request can be viewed here on their website, and CNN has posted the documents here as well.


            We hope this is helpful. Best of luck with your research!


            [Information provided by Subject Matter Expert Nathaniel Patch.]


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