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    Seeking records of Patrick Tynan & Philadelphia Railroad

    thomas Tynan Wayfarer

      I have reached an impasse in my genealogy work regarding my Great Grandfather; Patrick J. Tynan; born in Ireland in 1867; died in Philadelphia in July of 1936. He worked for the railroad for more 30 years; and his obituary says he was a "longtime railroad employee in Philadelphia" I have been unable thru many sources to determine what railroad he worked for during this era.


      So the Railroad Retirement Act and new pension system started in 1937; Patrick had died before that was started. Checking with the Railroad Pension Board in Atlanta; came up with many Tynan's (like 50) but nothing going back that far; and no Patrick J. Tynan; I believe he missed it by his unexpected and accidental death.


      Checking with the Pennsylvania State Archive in Harrisburg ("Voluntary Relief Cards") yielded nothing; assuming he was working for Pennsylvania Railroad.  Checking with Temple University as well as U Conn's records also yields nothing as well. Both of these University's have a railroad archive.


      Patrick's Philadelphia Death Certificate says he was a "Railroad Engineer" - but I believe he was more involved with heavy construction on the railroad; as Federal Census documents refer to him as a"Railroad Contractor."    My Great Grandfather was from Middletown, Connecticut and he lived and worked in Philadelphia but his family remained in Connecticut.  It appears he worked that periodically over the years and was there at the time of his death in July of 1936. He is buried with my Great Grandmother in Middletown CT.  She passed away in 1949; some (13) years later. If a railroad pension was involved - she would have likely have received it for her deceased husband over those last (13) years of her life,


      On Feb. 26, 1917; at the age of (50) Patrick filled out a filed, a WW1 draft questionnaire for the State of Connecticut ; for his employment he listed "Foreman on the R.R."


      I am looking for other research avenues to try and determine the actual railroad he may have worked for encompassing a thirty year period. Any research avenues that could be a potential pathway; please let me know.