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    Seeking Adjutant General Certificate for Soldier of NJ


      Hello, I am seeking an Adjutant General Certificate for a soldier from NJ for the Revolutionary War. I have a National number. How do I search these or get these?  Thank you


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          Jason Atkinson Guide

          Dear Ms. Herzog,


          Thank you for posting your request on History Hub,


          We are unfamiliar with the term “Adjutant General Certificate” in relation to the Revolutionary War records in the custody of the National Archives. Please respond with more details about the nature of the document you are seeking and the name of the soldier you are researching and will gladly provide specific advice on this matter. If you have already located a document pertaining to your research, you may insert an image of it in your reply.


          See NARA’s The American Revolution: Research our Records web page for a listing of records commonly used to document individual service in the Revolutionary War. For more information about these records, please post a follow-up request here on History Hub or email the National Archives at Washington, DC - Textual Reference (RDT1) and Archives1reference@nara.gov


          The New Jersey State Archives, New Jersey State Library, New Jersey Historical Society, and the New Jersey State Museum may have records relating to the soldiers who fought in the American Revolution from New Jersey.


          We hope this is helpful.

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              I found the following and was trying to figure out more - specifically I believe his brother Daniel served also. And wanted to find information on his brother.


              Though other people trace him to being born in NJ.

              William Furman

              Born 9 Jan 1751 in Newtown, Queens, New Yorkmap

              Husband of Rachel (Wolverton) Furman — married about 1774 [location unknown]

              Father of Jonathan Furman

              Died 1 Jan 1826 in Shamokin, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, United States


              William Furman served in the 3rd Battalion, Gloucester Co., N.J. Militia; he also served as Sargeant in Col. Richard Somer's Battalion, N.J. State Troops. He was with Washington at Valley Forge - verified by National No. 28264. This record is from the N.J. Adjutant General's Certificate. The DAR patriot record states he was rank of private.


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                  Jason Atkinson Guide

                  Dear Ms. Herzog,


                  Thank you for posting your follow-up request on History Hub!


                  We searched the Compiled Service Records of Soldiers Who Served in the American Army During the Revolutionary War in the War Department Collection of Revolutionary War Records (Record Group 93) but were unable to locate an exact match for William Furman or Daniel Furman. The closest we could locate for any records of Colonel Richard Somers' Battation was a very sparse record for a Col. Somers of the Jersey Militia, without a first name, and a Captain Somers in the same regiment. We located some records for soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, Gloucester Co., N.J. Militia, but they were rather few in number for a battalion-sized unit, suggesting that they do not account for all of the soldiers that had been in the unit.


                  We did locate two records for persons named William Forman from New Jersey that have been digitized and may be viewed online. It may be that this is an alternative spelling for the same person. Also, it may be that this is a different person, and that the records of William Furman did not survive in federal custody.


                  Most of the records of the American Army from the Revolutionary War era that were in the custody of the War Department were destroyed by fire in 1800 or in 1814. The War Department's Collection of Revolutionary War Records was begun in 1873 by means of purchase, gifts, or transfers from other agencies. The compilation of military service records was begun in 1894, under the direction of the War Department's Record and Pension Office. Information about individual soldiers was meticulously copied onto cards as a means of consolidating information about individuals, as well as preserving the original source documents, including muster rolls, pay rolls, returns, and other records. However, if the original records did not survive until the 1890s intact or were overlooked when compiling the records, there may be soldiers that served in the war but who were omitted from these records.


                  A certificate from the New Jersey Adjutant General would most likely be in the custody of the New Jersey State Archives. According to their guide Genealogical Records at the New Jersey State Archives, they have records pertaining to service in the Revolutionary War. It also may have been a certificate that was given to the soldier rather than retained by the state, and had remained with the family long enough to be cited in later sources.


                  We located the listing for FURMAN, WILLIAM in the DAR’s database. It cites the Official Register of the Officers and Men in the Revolutionary War that is available on the New Jersey State Library website as well as on HathiTrust. Daniel and William Furman are listed on pages 600 and 601.


                  We hope this information is helpful. Best of luck with your research!