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    Who wore ascots during WWII with their service uniforms?

    Joseph Reich Wayfarer

      Who wore ascots during World War Two with their service uniforms?Soldier/airman(?) wearing ascot

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          Alex Daverede Adventurer



          Ascots (they were known simply as scarves at the time) were not a regulation uniform item during World War II and seem to have appeared in the European Theater only very late in the war (spring 1945).  I have seen images of general officers and airborne enlisted troops wearing scarves, but there doesn’t appear to be a pattern of issue or wear for this uniform item.


          The scarf became a more widely-issued uniform item a few years later during the Korean War where they seemed to become more of a ceremonial uniform accouterment seen at formal parade formations and award presentations.  These scarves were generally made of rayon and were seen in the wearer’s branch of service color (infantry-light blue; cavalry-yellow; artillery-red; etc.).


          I hope you find this information useful.


          A. J.