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    Seeking passenger lists for ships arriving in New Orleans

    Lili LeGardeur Newbie

      Hi, I'm looking for passenger lists for all ships arriving in New Orleans (La Balise) from Cuba at the end of June 1809. My 4x great-grandmother Jeanne Catherine Eugenie Peneault and her husband Joseph Louis Simone LeGardeur de Tilly were French colonists who left St. Domingue/Haiti by way of Jeremie in 1803, lived near Neuvitas Cuba 1803-1809, then left Cuba May 1809 for New Orleans. Peneault's diary says they left Cuba May 25, 1809; arrived at La Balise June 21, 1809; and were allowed to disembark on July 1, 1809. All references on your website point to New Orleans passenger lists post-1820. If no resources exist for the period between 1803 and 1820, please let me know. There may also be some sort of immigration file on this family. Given the huge influx of French colonists to New Orleans from Cuba in summer 1809, and the fact that Louisiana was not yet a state, I don't even know where to begin to look for that. Perhaps you can point me to a few potential resources. Thanks.