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    Seeking explanation of Freedmen's Bureau Labor contracts


      I need some help analyzing two Labor Contracts I found in the Freedmen's Bureau records.  My (white) ancestor is one of the "witnesses" on 2 different labor contracts--he is E.G. Mobley in Yazoo Co., MS.  I am curious about the possible relationship of the other names on this document--there are two men with an Everett surname and one named Ellis.  I believe E.G. Mobley's wife's maiden name is Ellis but I cannot place her in a family.  I've researched the names of the men on the docs but have not found her.  I want to know more about how to use these records in order to squeeze out every drop of info and would appreciate any advice you can offer.  I'm a librarian and I have read some about these records but I'm appealing here to folks who have been working with these documents.  Thank you in advance