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    Seeking death certificate for Josephine Everett


      I am trying to locate the death certificate for Josephine Everett nee Henry in 1902. My dad said she died in the 1930s. They were living in Watertown, MA at the time, I have checked cemeteries in the area and many town offices in Massachusetts. His aunt used to take him to a grave in the Cambridge Cemetery in Cambridge, MA and say that's where she was buried. But I've been to the cemetery headquarters three times and they do not have any record of her burial. My grandfather, George H Everett, is buried there. She was Josephine Elizabeth Henry born in Carbondale Ward 4, Lackawanna, PA in 1902, She had a sister Marie Georgia Henry who married William F Condon of Cambridge in Rockingham, Vermont. I did eventually find a Josephine Everett who died in 1986 in the Bronx but I cannot tie her to my grandmother. Any ideas on how else I could find out if my grandmother really died in the 1930s would be appreciated.