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    Seeking child support records for 1920s or early 1930s


      I have been trying to find the child support records for the 1920s or early 1930s without success. I am hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. It is my paternal grandfather, and I think one of the children may have been my father. My father went by two surnames that I know of, the one given at birth and one of one of his step-fathers. He changed his first names around, even adding one, at one stage. To solve his life and indeed his childhood is my goal for a University Research Report in the Diploma of Family History. I have a copy of comment, but no details, and I can't locate the person who posted it originally on a forum, to see if they had more details, but there are 4 children. I have rung BDM's, was transferred to Child Support and neither could help. I have emailed a form to Queensland State Government who forwarded my request to Archives Queensland. Where I have looked but can't seem to find anything.