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    Seeking birth certificate of Paschal Ormsbee

    roger whewell Newbie

      This is for my ex-wife's line and our daughters. Paschal Ormsbee was a deaf mute and dumb (didn't speak) going by what two census say: 1850, 1870. He was born probably in Massachusetts where he lived. He was killed in a train accident (misadventure) on 03-09-1877. Mary Allen Ormsbee, his wife, sued the Railway and after 2 trials received $2,500 in about 1880 the newspaper reported. Paschal was a shoemaker by profession. He was near the state line of Rhode Island and Massachusetts when he was hit by a train in a switch back incident.Yes his impairments added to the accident but the railway didn't have required safety lighting. Paschal lived in Rehoboth, Massachusetts though I don't know if he was born there (about 1800). Mary Allen, his wife, also lived in Massachusetts. They had 3 Children: John b.1841, Sarah b.1843, Catherine Emily (sometimes switched names around). b.1845. I need to know the names of Paschal's parents & location.


      There is family legend that some descendants may have American Indian Ancestry.  Heard it from the Great Grandmother, Ancelina Welthek Horton, and wished we had asked questions then. Any new clues on Paschal and Mary would be appreciated.