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    Seeking information about Van R Fleming

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      Hello! I am seeking any information on my 2nd Great Grandfather, Van Raymond Fleming, who was in the US Army during WWI. Below is all of the information I have complied so far. I am looking for any and all documentation on him and C Company, 30th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division


      Van Raymond Fleming

      Born on January 2, 1898

      Army Number: 1597942

      Enlisted in the U.S Army on 4/7/1917

      Left for France on the USS Manchuria with Company I, June Replacement Draft Infantry. on 6/7/1918

      Joined the 3rd Division, 30th Infantry Regiment, C Company.

      Engaged in Champagne-Marne Defensive that started 12:10 a.m. on 7/15/1918

      Captured by German Soldiers at some point that day around Crézancy, France (on the Marne) on 7/15/1918

      Transferred to Rastatt prison camp in Rastatt, Germany on 8/28/1918

      Released from Rastatt on 12/9/1918

      Left France on the USS Floridian with the 91st Division, 362nd Infantry bound for Hoboken, NJ. on 4/14/1919

      Discharged on 4/29/1919


      Many many thanks in advance!