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    Seeking records for John Joseph O'Brien


      I'm looking for records regarding John Joseph O'Brien (6/11/1865-193?) who taught Jiu-Jitsu to Teddy Roosevelt. Records I have: 1865 Birth Certificate from England; 1872 English census; 11/17/1883 enlistment in the Navy in Boston on the Wabash; March 20, 1888 Naturalization in Boston; Navy Hospital Records Swatara August 17, 1888; Return of Enlistments NY, NY May 30, 1891; Most Newspaper articles from 1900-1927; Letters from the Roosevelt Center; Marriage records; Children's birth dates; Book Published in 1905; Higashi vs Bothner; 1900 US Census; 1910 US Census; 1920 US Census; and 1930 US Census.


      Records I need: Immigration possibly on May 13, 1880; Navy records from dates 3/8/1884, 9/13/1884, 12/20/1884, 5/2/1884, 10/24/1885, 10/24/1885, 7/8/1886, 8/14/1887; Places may include New Hampshire, Boston, Brooklyn, Saratoga, Minn. (Yes, I have sent a request to the National Personnel Records Center); Records from the Japan Consulate from 1895-1900; Date of death and obituary; Post Navy possible military employment as a Jiu-Jitsu trainer; Police record from Alfred Maine 7-15-1905; and Vaudeville adverts for JJ and/or his daughters who were dancers.


      I'm sure there is more but this is what I know I am missing and currently can't access. He may have worked on Whaling ships or merchant ships prior to 1895. He was in Nagasaki from about 1895-1900. Research is not really my forte but here I am. Any suggestions are welcome.