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    Looking for parents of Elizabeth Tyler

    Russell Tyler Newbie

      I am seeking information on Elizabeth Tyler found in the 1850 census in Greene County, NC. She was Mulatto with 3 children Shepherd, Sally and Nancy. She was married to a Slave named Primus. Her husband Primus was sold to James Siler, a Quaker who lived in Parke County, Indiana, on June 9, 1851 by a woman named Elizabeth Edwards from Greene County, NC. James Siler relinquished rights to Primus to Primus's wife Elizabeth Tyler. James Siler also secured a Guardianship Bond for Elizabeth Tyler's Minor children in Parke County, Indiana on March 10 1851. Did the Quakers keep records when they helped Slaves to Flee NC? Is there any way to find out who Elizabeth Tyler's parents were? Primus used the last name of Shepherd until he took the last of his wife's last name Tyler. Primus and Elizabeth bought 158 acres of land in April 1859 in Parke County Indiana. Three of their sons and two sons-in-law and grandson  fought in the Civil War. Two brothers, two brother-in-laws, and a nephew fought with the 28th Infantry Regiment, USCT. One Brother, Shepherd B Tyler, was killed in action on June 27 1864 at Charles City, VA. Is it possible to find where his gravesite is? The other Brother, Himebrick Tyler, fought with 102nd Infantry Regiment, USCT.