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    Seeking trial and prison records for Andrew Reecer


      I am doing family research. My great grandfather claimed self-defense but was convicted of manslaughter on Oct 12 or 13, 1928 for the death of William Stafford on Jun 3, 1928. His name was Andrew Reecer who lived in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 1928, Reecer was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced on October 12/13, 1928 in the stabbing of William Stafford. Reecer was sentenced to 2-21 yrs at Michigan City Prison (Indiana State Prison North) and released sometime prior to 1935. He is listed in the 1930 census as being an inmate at Michigan City Prison and we believe he was there at the same time as inmate John Dillinger. I have his Michigan City inmate number (12782) but I have been to the Michigan City prison website but his name and this number provides no information. I am doing family history genealogy research and would like to find a mugshot photograph, trial records, parole records and any other detailed records of his time in prison. I have been unable to find these things by searching Google. The only information I was able to find is here:  https://secure.in.gov/apps/iara/search/Home/Detail?rId=553678 and it provides little to no detail. Only a name, inmate number and arrival date in Marion county prison of 10/13/1928. Andrew Reecer was born on Nov 12, 1881 in Clay County, TN. Died Dec 22, 1943 Indianapolis, IN. I am very interested to find as much detailed information as possible. Thank you