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    Seeking death record of Henry D Tienken


      I am attempting to figure out how my great great grandfather died. He was born in Union City, New Jersey, was a salesman, and immigrated to the US in 1887 from Germany. I have found him named as “Heinrich Dietrich Tienken,” “Henry Tienken,” and “Harry D. Tienken” (Harry is most familiar to our family because it was my great grandpa’s name). He married Elizabeth Schneider in 1896, and they were living together with their children in 1905 according to the New Jersey state census. Then, in 1910, they are not on the census, and one of their children appears as a “boarder” with extended family. In 1915, Harry D. Tienken is gone, Elizabeth is remarried, and the children are listed as Ecker “stepchildren.” What I’m trying to find is an actual death record. I found a newspaper article of a Henry Tienken dying in 1908 from their area, but Henry was a very common name, and I’ve found other Henry Tienkens, so I can’t say for certain. I’m hoping to find a death record with his parents name so I can confirm if the death I found in the newspaper is him. I have no knowledge of where he is buried.