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    German language and script resource, and languages other than English


      Throughout many of the By the People Campaigns you'll find documents in languages other than English. In some cases we devote whole Campaigns to materials in other languages, notably "Herencia: Centuries of Spanish Legal Documents" which features Spanish, Latin, and Catalan. But there are loads of of other languages sprinkled throughout the collections, including French and German in the now complete "Letters to Lincoln" and "Civil War Soldiers: 'Disabled but not disheartened'" Campaigns, the Mary Church Terrell, Clara Barton, The Blackwells and Alan Lomax Campaigns.


      During the Covid-19 lockdown David B. Morris, a German Area Specialist in the European Division of the Library of Congress tackled some of the trickier German language documents that had been stuck in review or unstarted since By the People launched in October 2018. In this fascinating blog post he demystifies the letter forms found in die deutsche Schrift (the German script), and explores the history of this type of handwriting. He also gives us insight into the content of several diaries in the Mary Church Terrell Campaign, and letters in the Lincoln and Civil War Soldiers Campaigns.


      Like this post below to let us know if you'd like to see a follow up blog pots about the many cool things David has uncovered since his last post on May 22nd!