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    Seeking location where Lemuel Offutt died

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      In a record from Record Group 109, PI-101 Entry 465 (NAID 2133278), which is supposed to be regarding the following, "This series contains records of Union provost marshals relating to various types of civilians, such as those suspected of using disloyal language or giving aid and comfort to the enemy, those violating military orders, those claiming pay for property used or taken by the Union military authorities or for supplies or services furnished to the Army, civilian (and sometimes military) prisoners, and persons authorized to travel in or to enter the Confederate States. In addition to correspondence there are reports, affidavits, oaths of loyalty, and lists. The records may include information on any civilian who had dealings with the Federal military authorities. Many bear file numbers of Union territorial commands. Most of the papers dated after the end of the Civil War concern freedmen and whites in the southern states."


      A letter was sent  by a doctor to a presumed Union General regarding the death of a Lemuel Offutt. The letter can be found at https://dp.la/item/3349d491a7e271de53a0243ad39debd0?q=Lemuel%20Offutt (NAID 27987394). In the letter as I read it I believe it to be addressed to a General Tyler. The body of the letter details the passing of a Lemuel Offutt, who died on Wednesday the 9th instant. About twenty-four hours from the time of his release. The writer states that Lemuel was recently a prisoner of what appears to be Fort Dix. However everything that I have found so far in the regards to military installations during the Civil War has no mention of a "Fort Dix". From what I've found regarding the history of present day Fort Dix it wasn't established until 1917. Anyone that could possibly point me in the right direction to determine the location of this place where Lemuel Offutt was held? I would have thought that there would have been some other mention in the available archives regarding an arrest, but so far this is the only mention of Lemuel that I've found. I've performed numerous searches of available newspapers that are digitized from the era and area around where Lemuel lived, but so far have come up empty. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks