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    Seeking detailed look at daily activities of Company G, 308th Infantry

    John Plunkett Wayfarer

      I would like to research into a more detailed look at the daily activities of Co. G, 308th Infantry during WWI. The records that I am interested in are: (1) War Diary of the 2nd Battalion, 308th infantry; (2) G Company Commander Daily logs; (3) 308th infantry Headquarters Field Orders Numbers- 2,7,10,11,19. These might be in the War Diary; and (4) September Morning Reports, I hired a researcher and he could not locate them. One time I had inquired about two sets of records and wonder if the records sought may be contained within -- (A) Records of the United States Regular Army Mobile Units (Record Group 391), Entry 2133, Box 3079; and (B)  Records of the American Expeditionary Forces (Record Group 120), Records of Divisions (NAID 301641), Records of the 77th Division, Boxes 36-38. There are about 1,300 pages, but one is not informed of the contents. I do not know if this may be a lead to the records I seek. Thank You.