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    Trying to find out what happened to Felix Bawol

    patty perry Newbie

      Hello, I am trying to find out what happened to my uncle, Felix Bawol, who was born in 1890 Ruda, Mielec Poland. Felix was in the Austria-Hungary War in 1916 (WWI). Now Felix Bawol is Polish but some records say he was Austrian-Hungarian  and sent to war in Russia. Some records are in German. Felix was wounded, captured & sent to Hospitals 3 & 4 in Moscow, Russia. What happened to prisoners of war from WWI? Did he die in Russia?  Is he buried in Russia? If so, but where in Russia? Was he sent back home to Poland? How would you know where to look for anything? Who would you contact to find out what happened to him? I have this information only from Oo Landesbibliothek (Upper Austrian State Library). He is Number 367/1916. I did contact Russia but they can't help. Thank you for any help. If you can't help me, could you advise me as to where to look?


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          joan stachnik Tracker

          Hi Patty, prior to WWI, a large portion of modern day Poland (Galicia) was part of the Austrian-Hungarian empire. So those living in Galicia were considered citizens of that empire even tho they were Polish. Service in the Austrian Army was mandatory for all citizens of the Empire at that time.  I tried to find information on military service of my grandfathers, who lived in Galicia prior to WWI and would have served in the Austrian Army, even tho they were Polish. 


          I contacted the Austrian State Archives regarding military records for those serving in the Austrian army in the early 1900s. Per the Archives, after the fall of the Habsburg monarchy in 1918, military records for persons (born 1850 to 1900) from areas outside the borders of modern day Austria did not reach the Austrian archives. These records were kept by/sent to the "successor states" and mostly destroyed. Depending on where your uncle lived, this could be modern day Poland or possible Ukraine. The archives responded quickly to my request. They accept requests in English and German, but replies are only in German. It might be worth a try. The website for the Austrian State Archives is   https://www.statearchives.gv.at/kriegsarchiv-information-in-briefHope this is of some help. joan

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              patty perry Newbie

              Hello Joan. 

              Thank-You for trying to help me.

              I will contact the site you sent me, & see what I can come up with.

              You know what I dont understand there is list showing OO landes bibliothek that list his name

              so I know he did exists & was in Moscow Russia hospital because he was caught wounded. from what this site states- so if they knew that then what happened to all of these war prisoners.??   They dont just vanish they have to be some where but where is the question.

              I know I ask too many questions,

              I am trying to learn.

              patty bawol perry

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                  joan stachnik Tracker

                  HI Patty, hope your search is going well. I wasn't able to find any information about your uncle, but you asked about POWs in Russia. I found the following information (see below) on a WWI website (https://encyclopedia.1914-1918-online.net/article/prisoners_of_war_russian_empire) regarding POWs held by Russia. It seems that after the war they either went home, or somewhere new, or even stayed in Russia. Have your tried any of the Polish genealogy websites? I've used one (https://geneteka.genealodzy.pl/index.php?op=se&lang=eng). I don't read or speak Polish, but I was able to find the names of my great grandparents. So it might be worth a try if your uncle returned to Poland. Hope this is of some help. joan


                  The repatriation of POWs from Russia was a convoluted process initiated by the exchange of invalids with Germany in September 1915.[36] By the autumn of 1918, most POWs had left European Russia: in addition to some 22,000 invalids exchanged by the end of 1917, over 670,000 POWs were able to return home.[37] Of these, only 200,000 were repatriated through official channels, while the rest returned on their own, partly taking advantage of lax supervision during periods of political disarray. Between November 1918 and the summer of 1920, official repatriation dwindled as a result of the Bolsheviks’ reluctance to part with the POW labour force. Thus in 1920, when the Civil War ended and POW camps were finally dissolved, close to 500,000 POWs were still in Russia. In addition to Red Cross Societies, Fridtjof Nansen (1861-1930), League of Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, played a major role in arranging for the repatriation of POWs.

                  In 1920, approximately 30,000 Germans and 118,000 former Austro-Hungarians returned from Siberia and Central Asia. The process slowed down until finally, in 1922, only 6,850 POWs were repatriated via Vladivostok. Between 1921 and 1922, 13,000 Austro-Hungarians returned home from southern Russia and Ukraine. An unknown number of POWs decided to stay in Russia.[38]Apart from political reasons, many had families with Russian women and held jobs, while the future in their home countries was uncertain.

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                  patty perry Newbie

                  Joan   I finally got a email from the Austria he survived the war.  It took some time for people to reply to me

                  but I just waited & waited but well worth it.   Thanks Joan for your information.

                  I will learn things on this site from all of you, that are more talented than me




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                  Alice Lane Pioneer

                  Hi Patty.

                  Thank you for posting on History Hub.


                  The following shows 2 people from Ruva, Poland,  brother F Bawol  no age given and sister Honoraria Bawol age 20 arriving at Ellis Island Jan 27, 1921. Could this be who you are seeking.



                  Familysearch.org is a free site...you just need to set up a username and password to search


                  Best Wishes in your search


                  Alice Lane

                  Volunteer Researcher

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                      patty perry Newbie

                      Alice-  Thanks for trying to help me.  This is  maybe a cousin but not for what I am looking for.

                      Felix never did come to the USA he stayed in Poland. Felix had 2 brothers Wojciech/Albert & Josephus-they came to the USA. Albert is my grandfather.

                      I just copied & pasted for you to see.

                      I am new at this for historyhub so be patience if I dont do thing correctly ok. Still learning.

                      Patty bawol perry

                      Detail View: Casuality List WW1 Austria-Hungary

                      Last NameBawol
                      First NameFelix
                      UnitIR 40
                      Sub-Unit11 K
                      Year of Birth1890
                      wounded/dead/imprisonedverwundet gefangen
                      Date of Death
                      MessageEvakuationsspital 14 in Moskau, Rußland
                      Date of List19160128
                      LinkDigitized Newspaper
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                      patty perry Newbie

                      Thanks Everyone for your help-  Felix survived the war of 1916.