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    Looking for information on Belmont, Arkansas


      Hi! I am looking for information about the WWI city of Belmont, Arkansas. Belmont was a city right outside the capital of Little Rock, on the north side of the Arkansas River. It would be what is today located in North Little Rock or Levy but may be associated with materials pertaining to the city of Argenta also.  It was right outside the back gate of Camp Pike Army Training camp and contained cafes, a hotel, a bank, a post office, theaters, and pool halls. The largest building is still standing, the old St. Joseph’s Catholic Orphanage was repurposed by the army as the Hotel Belmont in an effort to create more space for officer's families. If anyone has any images, relics, papers, or information relating to the old city of Belmont or the hotel (of the same name) or businesses associated with it, I would appreciate the help tremendously! Attached are two photos of Belmont, showing the Hotel Belmont and the Pfeifer's department store right outside the gate for Camp Pike.