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    Seeking Agostino Mercurio - Naturalization Certificate with Photo

    Michelle Cerrone Newbie

      Hi! I am seeking my GGF s (Agostino Mercurio, born in Termini Imerese, Palermo, Sicily, Italy on Oct 7, 1888) Official Naturalization Certificate from September 21, 1920. I have located my his Declaration of Intent, Petition for Naturalization, Oath of Allegiance AND  Index to National Petitions (Card), which lists C-File No 1388877.


      I originally thought maybe he didn't get one of those fancy certificates you see on TV and in the movies and that I had found the real thing! I'm thinking now, NOT TRUE. Sooooo, I am in search of a copy of his official Naturalization Certificate with photo. Can someone help? Point me in the right direction? I previously read Becca s extremely helpful response to a similar question on History Hub -- She stated, at the time of naturalization (when one became an official citizen), (2) original certificates were issued; one went to the new citizen as proof of citizenship and the other was filed with NIS/USCIS. This helped me to understand I was missing the official citizenship document. Once I locate this (a copy I imagine) is there a way to also get a newly printed copy of the original from somewhere (UNCIS maybe?)  I ask because I would like to frame it.If someone could explain how to do all this, and who to get these documents from I'd be so grateful! Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you again!