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    Seeking Collins Denny Walker who served in the Civil War


      Would like to find Mother's maiden name of soldier that was in the Civil War. He enlisted in Chester. Pa. on 30 Sept 1862 in the Infantry. He was born c1839 in Wilmington, Delaware, I would also like to find his correct birth date. His birth name is Collins Denny Walker. He was wounded and was sent home expecting to die.  His step father nursed him back to health.  Next, he changed his name to William C. Walker because he wanted to enlisted under a different name and enlisted in the Cavalry. in Philadelphia, Pa. He served in the 17th Pa. Cavalry. He stayed in the Army til the end of the War.   He changed his name again to Samuel Henry Pierce, after his stepfather Elias Pierce, because that's the only father he ever knew. He changed his name of his own free will..  His real father, William Walker, died in 1844 in Wilmington, Delaware.  He got married in Virginia and they moved to Dayton, Ohio.  He was put in charge of a barracks on the grounds of the Dayton National Cemetery where numerous old soldiers had a place to call home.  Samuel passed away in 1923 and is buried at this Cemetery.   Any information would be greatly appreciated. I have been doing genealogy for about 20 years.  My husband was Samuel Henry's great, great, great, grandson.  My husband passed in 2007 so I am trying to find answers for him.