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    Seeking Military unit & record of Lt Raymond Swider

    Reid Baron Wayfarer

      Lt. Raymond Swider of Downers Grove, Illinois, was the recipient of the DFC Distinguished Flying Cross for flying the "Hump", the Himalayan Mountains, during WWII.  He was based in Agra, India, at the Central India Air Depot, of the ATC, Air Transport Command. Lt. Swider received his Distinguished Flying Cross in April of 1945, for flying over 300 hours over “the Hump”. The DFC Organization said there were many men who received the DFC, but records were destroyed so they do not have a full list of those who received this honor. Lt. Swider’s name is on the roster of the Hump Pilots Association on Facebook and elsewhere. We have his DFC Citation, however, can anyone tell us more about Lt. Swider’s military career, and the specific units he served in? Thank you.