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    Why am I getting locked out?


      I am typing short phrases in the Purple Heart Decorations and need to Save after every short line of typing. Why does this happen so frequently?  It is not as indicated, inactivity, since I am typing for an hour or more. This is preventing me from typing efficiently and in a quick manner. It is very frustrating!

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          National Archives Catalog Scout

          I'm so sorry that you have run into these problems while contributing as a Citizen Archivist.  This is not the experience we want you to have in the National Archives Catalog.  As most of the world has started isolating, we have found an unprecedented level of activity in the National Archives Catalog.  This has put considerable strain on our systems, causing unexpected errors to occur.  Our developers are working overtime to keep the Catalog stable and correct errors. However, this fix is not a simple one and it can’t be repaired overnight.


          At this point we suggest saving after every sentence or the amount of text you are willing to retype if your work is not saved.


          Again I apologize for the errors you have experienced.  I hope you will stay with us and continue to contribute, we really appreciate your work as a Citizen Archivist.



          Community Manager, National Archives Catalog



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