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    Seeking birth and death records of Margaret W Lee


      All I know of my grandmother is that her name was Margaret W. Lee and she married my grandfather, James Meeson, on 16 May 1900. I have searched every collection in ancestry.com - birth, death, immigration, census, etc. It is as if she dropped from the sky! I know she died close to 1925 as it the only census I could find her in was that year, and the next census my grandfather is listed as a widower; also I always heard she died when my father was “young” and he was 15 in that year. She is listed as coming from Wales. I want to find out where in Wales she is from and who her parents were and possible siblings, etc. With no birth or death certificate, immigration record, or census before marriage, I am at a loss what to do next. Have you any suggestions? Thank you very much!