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    Seeking passenger record for Henry L Carlson of Finland


      I have hit a brick-wall with my great-great grandparents who arrived in the U.S. in 1887.


      My great-great grandfather, Henry L. Carlson, was born on 14 Dec 1860 in Vaasa, Finland. By 17 Nov 1891, he had his first son, Edward Olof who was born in Ironwood, Michigan and was married to a Louise Mattson who was also born in Nykarleby, Finland on 17 Nov 1863.


      Neither Henry, nor his wife Louise, could write in English so this makes many of their documents incorrect. For example, I have Henry's Declaration of Intention that says he arrived on Ellis Island around 1 March 1897. This must be incorrect since his children were born in Michigan and Minnesota starting in 1891. He did not remember the ship but wrote down that it was on an Inman Line.


      Declaration of Intention


      He filled out an Alien Registration in 1918 as well. This form says that he arrived 24 Feb 1887 at a NYC Port.


      1918 Alien Registation


      If anyone could help, I would be VERY thankful! I have searched for hours and this has been a three-year long brick wall for me! The Lutheran church records in Virginia, MN have his birth location and port of departure as "Kostnitz," which is not a real place in Finland. Cousins think it may be Korsnas, which is near by Vaasa. My hope is that if I can find his passenger record, I can find where he was from in Finland and look through the communion books to find his family!


      Thank you to anyone who can help!