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    Seeking defense document of Fort Ord, CA


      On May 16, 1971 a student demonstration approached Ft. Ord, CA during Armed Forces day.  I was momentarily attached to the intelligence shop of the 2nd A.I.T. Brigade.   We were called to a meeting and shown (but not read) a Secret document for the defense of the Fort.  It should no longer be classified.  I am seeking the text of that document.

      The Base commander at that time was one of the co-authors of the Army Intelligence Manual.  It is perfectly possible that the orders we were given may have been a part of a disinformation campaign designed to send a message to the student demonstrators through sources they might deem credible (Army soldiers disaffected from the Vietnam War) that the Army was ready to shoot and perhaps kill them as had recently occurred at Kent State.

      I participated in that exercise and know what actually happened, but I find that none of the peers I know from the period but for one consider my statements to be factual.  This classified document would provide historic authentication.