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    Seeking inmate records for John Fraser at McNeil Island Penitentiary

    Jacqueline Gamertsfelder Newbie

      I'm trying to find information on my Great Uncles life. The only records I have about him are the border Crossing from Canada to Blaine.


      I feel so new to this, I don't even know where to start. I do have a great deal about this man Prior to him migrating from England to Canada in 1920. I know he died in 1966. But his life in between 1920 and 1966 is written on these cards.There is a claim on one of the cards that he spent 17 months in McNeil Pen. I have the cards which I'll link below.


      Prior to 1920, he was born John Malcolm Fraser, in England in 1906, But as you will see in the manifests, he had a couple of Alias's. It seems he also used other peoples identification to Cross the Border as shown on the Manifests, so he has a few things happening concerning his name and place / date of birth.


      The back side of the cards basically tell of his travels, When the arrest warrant was applied for, written on the 1950 Manifest, and when the warrant was issued, written on the back of the 1954 Manifest, with the reason for his arrest. I don't know if he really spent time at McNeil Pen. It, or rather he claims he served 17 months there, but it also claims he spent 21 months in Tranquille Sanctuary, having active Tuberculosis and was released from there in January 1953,


      I am wondering, given the time frame as to whether he got out of going to McNeil Pen. due to the fact he had Tuberculosis, or did he come straight out of McNeil Pen. and tried to cross the border again a few months after his release where it was found he had active Tuberculosis sent to the Sanctuary,


      Any help, or point out to where I go from here would be greatly appreciated, I have emailed NARA, but I am wondering if there is anything I can do myself as I wait for their reply,



      U.S., Border Crossings from Canada to U.S., 1895-1956

      19 Feb 1950Blaine, Washington, USA


      U.S., Border Crossings from Canada to U.S., 1895-1956

      28 Mar 1953Blaine, Washington, USA

      Border Crossing from Canada to Blaine, Washington


      U.S., Border Crossings from Canada to U.S., 1895-1956

      29 Dec 1954Blaine, Washington, USA