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    Seeking settlement claims of John Winecoff's widow


      I would like to go about getting a photocopy of the original paperwork containing my ancestor's name who was killed during the Civil War. I have his  Compiled Service Record (CRS), that shows his widow's name on a Register of Deceased Officers and Soldiers from North Carolina which were filed for settlement in the Office of the Confederate States Auditor for the War Department. His CRS notes that the information can be found in the Confederate Archive, Chapter 10, File No. 23, page 145.


      The soldier's surname was Winecoff, John W.Crusoe. He died in a Richmond hospital from wounds received at Cold Harbor, VA (June 1862). His widow was Mary S. (nee Lytaker) Winecoff and she filed the settlement paperwork on April 7, 1863. I am interested knowing the proof-of-relationship, to John, that she  submitted to the Confederate authorities and I'm also wondering if they approved her claim.  Despite multiple online searches, I have been unable to locate any digitized copies of the above referenced Register. Is it necessary to hire a private researcher to visit the National Archives to photocopy the information I seek, or could such a request be handled by the staff? If it's the latter, I understand that charges might/will apply, but I'm unclear as to how to begin the process of accessing the Claims of Deceased Officers and Soldiers from North Carolina Register. I'm looking forward to your guidance. Best regards