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    Seeking Distinguished Flying Cross citation for George Grabner

    Julia Bloomer Newbie

      My uncle, George Joseph Grabner, born 8-17-1917, was in the Army Air Corp and earned the Distinguished Flying Cross in WWII. He flew 51 missions in the Eastern Theater.  I am unable to find the documentation for it in any records.  I remember seeing his medal as a child and know that he received it for hanging out of a plane to dislodge a raft that was being thrown to rescue members of another plane that had been downed.  Other crew members held his feet while he freed the raft from the plane.  The plane would have probably crashed if he had not risked his life to save the crew. Does anyone have any idea how to find his record?  It is not listed on the Hall of Valor Project website, nor does anything pop up on google. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks