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    Buddy review system and handwriting help resources


      Hey folks,


      This is a spot for new volunteers or those with questions about how to transcribe a specific word or document, to ask for feedback on their work from fellow volunteers. Remember, each page on By the People is transcribed by one of more volunteers, and then reviewed by another volunteer. Library staff do not review each page. If we had time to do this, we would have time to transcribe all the wonderful documents we make available on By the People. Rest assured we do not have this ability! We also believe in the incredible power of community effort, and that By the People is an opportunity for folks to try new things, explore history, and hone new skills.


      This is also the place for you to share out any transcription (aka palaeography) resources you use. Here are a few to get us started:


      • Here's a handy list for many time periods, curated by Newton Gresham Library at Sam Houston State University


      If you are so inclined, please post below introducing yourself and sharing a bit about the collections you work on and where you might be interested in coordinating review with newer volunteers.