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    Looking for information on 1st Lt. Jimmie W. Monteith


      I am looking for information on 1st Lt. Jimmie W. Monteith who was a WWII Medal of Honor recipient.  I've read his letters and read a couple of articles about the 16th Infantry Regiment to frame his story, but I need books/primary sources with richer details. I have already read everything at Virginia Tech's special collections regarding Jimmie. I have read the book "Omaha Beach" by Joseph Balkoski and found a lot of great information. I was able to piece together his timeline on D-Day. I have a relative "guess of " what ship he was on from NYC to North Africa--the Mariposa (embark approx April 14-16, 1943, debark Casablanca on April 24, 1943). I need to find a ship log or something to confirm this. Supposedly those records were destroyed in 1951. Other than general online articles, etc. does anyone else know of oral histories about him or books that talk about him or Company L of the 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Division Army. Thanks in advance.